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Evergreen Project Registry

Mahon Park Stewardship Project

West Keith Road
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7M 1H9

Phone: (604) 689-0766 x 23
Fax: (604) 669-6222

Region:City of North Vancouver

Primary Contact

Stephanie Levy - Project Manager
Phone: (604) 689-0766 x 23
Fax: (604) 669-6222
Email: slevy@evergreen.ca


October planting
Eva Antonijevic

Ivy and Clematis invasion
Eva Antonijevic

St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Eva Antonijevic

Mahon Park
map courtesy of CNV

Site Information

Project Size: 32000 sq. metres
Number of People Involved: 4,179

Project Setting:

  • Creek
  • Municipal Land / Park
  • Valley / ravine

Introduced Natural Features

  • Bird habitat
  • Forest / woodland
  • Native shrubs
  • Native trees
  • Native wildflowers
  • River / creek

Introduced Built Features

  • Meeting areas
  • Pathways / boardwalk
  • Signage
  • Native Plants Garden

Support Information

Volunteer support that would be helpful to this project:

Number of volunteers regularly supporting the project: 85

Number of volunteers that come out for one-time events: 10 - 30

Volunteer support that would be helpful to this project:

  • Community outreach / education
  • Ecology expertise / natural habitats
  • Fundraising
  • Gardening
  • Native plant expertise
  • Organizing
  • Promotion
  • Volunteer coordination / supervision

Cash Donations

  • Corporations
  • Federal government
  • Local business

In-Kind Donations (ie. donated time, materials, approvals and expertise)

  • Clubs / service organizations
  • Community members
  • Community Youth Groups
  • Corporations
  • Local business
  • Local government
  • Local school / college / university
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Plant nurseries / landscape companies
  • Professional services


St. Thomas Aquinas School
Westview Elementary
Carson Graham Secondary
NPSBC Native Plant Society of BC
Master Gardeners Van Dusen
Capilano College
Chung Dahm Immersion School
North Shore Community Resources
Child and Youth Mental Health and Addiction Services
North Shore Multicultural Society


The City of North Vancouver, North Shore News, North Shore Master Gardeners, Environment Canada

Key Project Milestones

Wagg Creek instream rehabilitation completed - November 2003
   Clearwater Environmental Group under the supervision of Triton Environmental Consultants and the City of North Vancouver has recently completed rehabilitation works within the actual streambed of Wagg Creek in Mahon Park. Rocks were imported and hand-placed to stabilize eroding stream banks. This improves conditions for fish habitat (coho salmon and cutthroat trout). Trail and trailhead rehabilitation will continue into November. Please respect temporary trail closures and newly rehabilitated areas.

Native Demonstration garden - November 2004
  A Native Plant Demonstration Garden was planted by the Mahon Park Stewards by the Children's Spray park.

Awards - November 2004 + March 2005
  To date we have received two awards: BC Landscape and Nursery Assosiation's Environmental Stewardship Award and Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Regional Merit Award.

Invasive species removed to date - 2003 to 2009
  The Mahon Park Stewards have removed an impressive 533 cubic meters of invasive species, and cleared 72 282 m2 of land. The City of North Vancouver's contractor, Clearwater Environmental Group has removed 320 cubic meters of invasive species from an area of 2023 square meters in hard to access area of the Park.

Greening the park with native plants - 2003 to 2009
  Stewards have planted 8 026 native plant species, replacing introduced invasives such as English ivy, Himalayan Blackberry, Giant Hogweed and Clematis.

Mahon Park Stewards Impact to date - 2003 to 2009
  Since 2003, we have had 4,179 people involved in Mahon Park activities, stewards have contributed 7,017 volunteer hours, 533 cubic metres of invasives have been removed, and 8,026 native plants have been planted!


Planting Event: Garden Party

Date: On-going

Hosted by: Evergreen

Description: Our monthly garden party event runs the second Thursday of every month from 6:30-8.

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Planting Event: Work Party/Invasive pull

Date: On-going

Hosted by: Evergreen

Description: The monthly work party/invasive pull run the fourth Saturday of every month from 9am-noon at one of three different sites in Mahon Park. Please email for more information.

More details...

Additional Information

How our project began
Initiated by the City of North Vancouver (CNV) in 2002, habitat restoration has begun in the urban forest of Mahon Park, North Vancouver. Evergreen, with support from Environment Canada's EcoAction program, joined forces with the CNV in 2003 to improve the natural features of Mahon Park.

Our goals and objectives
The rehabilitation project focuses primarily on the removal of exotic invaders and the revegetation of the park with native plants. A long-term environmental education program has been established alongside the creation of a community stewardship group aptly named "Mahon Park Stewards". Local residents, nearby schools, local businesses and organizations are all getting involved.

How we addressed issues of safety and vandalism
Evergreen and the City of North Vancouver both carry adequate insurance coverage for the stewardship activities that are taking place within the park.

Barriers we encountered and how we overcame them
Improper and over-use of the park, illegal dumping of garden waste, and the large presence of invasive species were overcome by monthly work parties and education through outreach.

Our strategies for sustaining the project over the long-term
The Mahon Park Stewards are a group of core volunteers with years of experience volunteering with this project. Continued support from these people, as well as the partnership between Evergreen and the City of North Vancouver, ensures the continuance of this project for years to come.

Our strategies for preventing and/or dealing with volunteer burnout
Enthusiasm and appreciation. We wouldn't be here without the volunteers. We provide snacks and drinks at every event, give shirts to volunteers who come out three or more times, and hold annual volunter appreciation nights.

How we reward volunteer efforts
Evergreen and CNV provide Mahon Park volunteers with in-kind drinks and snacks at all of our volunteer events. Various local busineses provide gifts as "door" prizes for our stewards.

Other comments and reflections

This project was last modified on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009. It was originally added on Wednesday, October 15th, 2003.

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